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    Lane Hess
    52 years old

    Sam has been a big part of my life since I signed up for the 60 Day Challenge in February 2018. Sam helped me set realistic longterm goals for both fitness and nutrition. She is as invested in me and my success as I am! Its never easy to lay it all out there. but Sam hat been incredibly positive and encouraging every step of way. I have lost 20 pounds of fat, shredding my visceral fat level from a level 12 in a level 5 on the InBody. The workouts Sam gives me are challenging but doable. She is diligent in teaching me proper form, always making suer 1 understand she body mechanics and proper techniques. ! think 1 have learned the most from my nutrition tomato with Sam. She set me straight on maximizing my nutritional intake while carefully monitoring my macros. This was the game changer for me in reaching my goals and helping me gain strength. I feel better and stronger than I have in 20 years!

    Sheva K.
    36 Years old

    As a busy working professional, I used to think it was hard to make time for myself to workout. I was eating more than I needed to and not the right things because of my lifestyle. I started realizing I was gaining weight and clothes became uncomfortable and tight. I looked at myself in the mirror one day I realized I needed a change for ME. That's when I met Samantha. She is so nice, kind, and understanding. I felt comfortable sharing with her my concerns and goals. She taught me a lot about how to make better food choices. She is very knowledgable and knows my body type. She has designed programs that are fun, challenging, and different. I love my one on one work out sessions as well as the work out plans provided to me when we don't meet. Although at times I have been inconsistent due to my work schedule, she has always encouraged me. The results I've seen in the past few months are amazing! I fell so much better, more confident and I am excited to work out more. Seeing the results are motivating for me to work even harder and to continue to work with Samantha. not only is she a fantastic person, but she has changed my life in such a positive way! I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and I am looking forward to continuing to keep working with her!

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